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You will never work with just some developer.
You will always work with a family of developers.

Our purpose

is to help you and coach you throughout your project if you are a client. We're also here for every colleague to teach them, give them stability and a great team to work with.

Who We Are

From day one, with a few people, but with strong faith and desire in each of them, we were driven by the same - creation of awesome software with the power of achieving the personal best. After 10 years and over 40 people, that faith still lives.

The engine that keeps your business moving - we will be there every step of the way. From analysis, design, implementation & coding to testing, deployment, and maintenance - we can support you, whatever industry you are coming from.

The development team is based in Serbia, with the sales representatives in two more countries - Sweden and the Netherlands. So far, we have worked with companies from every continent except Antarctica - but you never know what the future can bring! That is the beauty in making customized software solutions - there are no boundaries!

The big commitment and love we have for the digital world motivate us to be better with each new day. That’s why we nurture long-term partnerships. Why seek more when you can have full software support in one place?

Over the years, we have developed a specific way of response to every potential partner - your inquiry will be answered within 24 hours. Managers who are responsible for each partner are always there to follow each request, process, and development.

Because we care. We care about each of our team members, and we care about your business.


We strive to improve software delivery by creating unbreakable bonds between clients and developers.


Change the way the software is created.

Core Values

Problem solvers: Proudly standing behind every line of code.

Togetherness: Ask for help and help when it’s asked.

Client & employee focus: Customers and employee satisfaction come first.

Integrity: Always perform with honesty.

Years in the industry


Europe Offices


Successful Projects


Continents we have worked with



You will always have the best of us.

Wherever in the world you are coming from, let the engine be your leading star to technology success.

One more photo please 📸

Marketing Assistant

Hello, I am Teodora 💪

Project Manager

Hi, this is my only serious picture.

Founder / CEO

Hello, my name is Miroslav!

Software Developer

Hello, I am Igor 👋

Software Developer

Hello, I am Antonio 🙂

Software Developer

Hi, I am Vuk 🐺

Software Developer

Hello, my name is Srdjan 🖐

Software Developer

Hello, I am Stanke 👋

Software Developer

I'm Darko 👋

Software Developer

I'm Petro 😎

Software Developer

Hakuna Matata ❤️

Software Developer

Hello, another Nikola 🤓

Software Developer

I'm remote 💻

Software Developer

Hi, I'm Vladimir 🏎

Founder / CFO

When I go, I can't stop, I can't stop, I can't stop...

Software Developer

My name is Mladen 👋

Software Developer

Hello, I am Dule 💽

System Administrator

Hello, my name is Mladen 🏓

Office Administrator

Hello, I am Sanja


Hello, my name is Aleksa 📱

Software Developer

Call me (maybe) Kira ^_^

Software Developer

My name is Nikola 👋


Hi, I'm Sofija! 👋

HR Manager

Hi, I'm Marko🪗

Software Developer

Hello, my name is Adrijan 🚐

Software Developer

I'm Milica 🙂


Hello, my name is Mirko 👋

Software Developer

Hi, I am Mrle 👋


Hi, I am Ognjen 👋

Software Developer

Hi, my name is Aleksandar!

Software Developer

Hi, I'm Boban 🏓

Software Developer

Good day sir, I'm Dražen! 🎖

Software Developer

Hi, I am Svetlana 👋


Hi, I am Rista

Software Developer

Hello, I'm Ana 😊

Software Developer

Hi, I'm Stef! ✍️

Office Manager

Hello from me, I'm Jovan 🙌

Software Developer

Partnership / Offices

Plava, Netherlands

After working together for 7 years in the Netherlands, we are proud to announce the opening of a joint venture with DDC Deep Blue. By doing this IT Engine is now much closer to clients and can provide better consulting and business analysis services.

Visit Plava

Nordic Avenue, Sweden

The partnership with our long-term client in the Netherlands was very successful, therefore it comes as no surprise that the Swedish market recognized the quality of our services, too. Stockholm is the birthplace of Nordic Avenue, a new joint venture of IT Engine and Track4 Labs.

Visit Nordic Avenue