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Our work

We present you with our featured projects we’re most proud of. Explore what we did for our clients.

Houseman ERP and Website

Website and ERP for building maintenance company, including detailed database of residents, entrances and buildings in Novi Sad and other cities, tasking and reporting system, ticketing, financial offers, meeting scheduling, invoicing, alarms and notifications, tenant login with service information.


Our client was not able to take new requests from their customers. They had a large and outdated system. Our main goal was to examine the existing system, identify problems and find a solution, as well as design and implement it to existing equipment.


A guide for the mountain resorts around Sweden.


Grace Organic has a goal to manage food waste and to cut down global emissions and expenses by measuring the amount of waste being produced in their kitchens. We created a unique product portfolio that assists in the process of reducing food waste in many different ways and industries.