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by Bojan Zrnic

The Origin Story


Most of the time an origin story is a story about how a superhero started his journey, and how did he get his superpowers.

Often, he gains his powers in an accident. Well, our story has nothing to do with an accident, just strong will, and hard work.



Two old friends met in the right place at the right time with the same idea of starting a software company, so they decided to do it together.

They had the exact same education and the exact same look at engineering so the decision to team up was not that difficult. 

Utopia for engineers was about to be created.



In the beginning, it was just the two of them, working on a project for a client and not thinking about the future, the setup was pretty easy.

For boosting the first growth of the company they used private contacts in both sales and hiring of new employees, still easy to organize and deliver the service.

Every upcoming development that happened was showing them that they needed more manpower in order to deliver their services at the same quality simultaneously keeping everyone calm and collected. 

I could say finding and recognizing those people is a true superpower.



After a couple of growth sprints, we now employ 50 people and deliver software development services all around the world to our long-term clients. 

On the other hand, we offer competitive salaries, benefits, and carrier paths to all of our employees.

Utopia sounds pretty close, right? But it's not, people are different and we all have different interests and ideas, employees in development and management often have different expectations from their workplace.

To keep everybody engaged, and happy, from clients to employees, we went back to a more traditional and people-friendly approach that worked on a smaller scale, so, why wouldn't it work now? The simple answer is that with the numbers increasing, it is too many responsibilities and workloads for one or two people to handle no matter how good they are.

This is where the superpower comes in, finding those diligent people, keeping them, and giving them the adequate tools to approach and handle everyone in the same way as they were handled and approached, with the utmost respect



Everybody will say this is just common sense, then our superpowers are common sense, a people-focused approach, and the understanding of clients and employees.